Youth sports offer unique and meaningful opportunities for parents to strengthen their relationships with their children and encourage their children’s positive health and development. HRI is proud to partner with YMCA of Greensboro to offer the resources on this page to help parents and caregivers strengthen their family relationships and encourage their children through sports.

Click on the links below to learn more about how you can connect with the youth in your life through their participation in sports.


Connecting with Kids through Sports. By Lavender Williams. Children receive many benefits when parents take a genuine interest in their activities. Youth athletics offer a great opportunity for parents to connect with their children and offer encouragement through a physical activity. Whether it is a team or individual sport, many children enjoy having their parents attend practices, games, and events. However, for some parents, the excitement of the sport and the desire to win can get the best of them and lead to some behaviors that might hinder their child’s enjoyment of the game. Here are three ways parents can connect with their kids through sports without letting their competitive natures get the best of them… Click here to read the full article.


Life Lessons through Youth Sports. By Lavender Williams. Raising healthy, smart, and happy children is a difficult task. Parents today are extremely busy and it often feels hard to keep up with the many demands on their time and energy.  Among the many daily tasks parents perform, where can parents find the opportunity to have a discussion about valuable life lessons when sometimes it’s a struggle just to get out the door on time in the morning? Well, it turns out that youth sports are an amazing way for child to learn valuable life lessons, and parents can take advantage of opportunities to impress upon their children the importance of these life lessons... Click here to read the full article.


Words to Use to Encourage Your Child in Youth Sports. Parents can encourage their children in many ways through youth sports. Simply being present and attentive during practices can go a long way. Conversations between parents and children after practices and games offer a great opportunity to encourage their children. Here are a few examples of the types of words that are especially encouraging to children involved in youth sports… Click here to read the full article.



How Parents Can Support Youth Sports Coaches. Most youth sports coaches are volunteers—and many of them are parents themselves! Coaches enjoy working with their teams and getting to know the players’ families throughout the season. Here are some ways that parents can help support coaches throughout the seasonClick here to read the full article.




When Your Child is Hesitant to Play Youth Sports. Some kids take to youth sports right away, but others take some time to warm up to it. Here are some tips to consider if your child is hesitant about playing in youth sports… Click here to read the full article.